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Experience – Filter Vessel

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1 3067 Water Injection Filter (1) Ujung Pangkah Liquid Dev. Production Terters International Hess (Ujung-Pangkah) Ltd. 2009
2 2852 Filter Coalescer (1) Fuel Gas Filter Coalescer PT. Petrotec Guna Perkasa Total E&P Indonesie 2009
3 3045 Seal Gas Coalescer Filter (1) Seal Gas Coalescer Filter B-MPN ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips 2009
4 2993 Glycol Sock Filter (1) Refurbishing DHU Teras Project Medco E&P Indonesia Medco E&P Indonesia 2009
5 2954 Instrument Gas Filter (4) Tunu Field Dev. Project Phase-13A PT. Kaliraya Sari Total E&P Indonesie 2009
6 2915 Diesel Coalescer (1), Sales Gas Filter (2) Oyong Dev. Project Phase-II PT. PAL Indonesia Santos (Sampang) Pty, Ltd. 2009




Written by jonsonsirait

October 15, 2009 at 1:22 am

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